Dr. Z has been named a Rhode Island Top Doc!

Dr. Z Allergist - Functional Medicine Certified - Top Doctor in RIEvery year, Rhode Island Monthly magazine puts out a call for Rhode Island licensed MDs and DOs to vote for doctors they would trust to care for their family and friends. The list includes physicians who are licensed to practice in RI, in a range of specialties. We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Z has been named a Top Doc in RI for 2019!

Why is this such an honor?

Think about your doctors. They take care of your health. They look out for you. They know the ins and outs of the medical profession. Rhode Island Monthly specifically requests that doctors vote for fellow doctors who they’ve seen in action, so readers can be sure it’s a strong recommendation. That’s why this award is such an incredible honor: physicians don’t refer just anyone.

“Doctors have an extremely high standard of care, so it’s a huge honor to be recognized by my peers, fellow professionals in the health care field,” Dr. Z, who recently attended an awards night for the winners, said. “When other doctors say they would recommend you to family and friends, you know you’re doing a good job.”

The new focus of AAPRI

This award is especially important, as it comes on the heels of AAPRI’s recent rebrand, which emphasizes the practice’s recent decision to integrate functional medicine into our treatment plans. Through functional medicine, our health care team works to find the root causes of symptoms, guiding patients through lifestyle changes and treatments that address those causes. Inspired by the results he was seeing with longtime allergy sufferers, Dr. Z added a certification in functional medicine to his array of credentials. He is the only allergist in RI with this functional medicine focus.


Dr. Z is truly honored to be named a Top Doc in Rhode Island for 2019, and we are truly honored to have him leading our health care team. Be sure to pick up your copy of Rhode Island Monthly to see who else your doctors recommend for your health care!

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