Surviving the Spring Allergy Season

Surviving Spring AllergiesSpring is here! For many allergy sufferers, that means “stay indoors” and constantly medicate with allergy medications. The air is crisp and it is beautiful outside. It’s the perfect day for a run, unless you have exercise-induced asthma. The cold, dry air can be especially bothersome by triggering acute bronchospasm when you start breathing faster.

Does this mean that those of us suffering from asthma and/or allergies will be forced to enjoy the spring from inside? Not at all! Here at AAPRI, we are ready to help you learn how you can survive the spring allergy season. Check out our simple and easy tips, and you’ll be enjoying the outdoors this spring in no time.

Tips for avoiding spring allergy symptoms

  • Stay indoors and keep windows closed during peak pollen times, which is around midday.
  • Outdoor activities such as exercising, going for walks or gardening should be done when pollen counts are at their lowest, early mornings and late afternoons.
  • Exercising or running with asthma? Be sure to pretreat with your short acting beta agonist such as Albuterol or Xopenex. When possible wear a mask or scarf to humidify the air.
  • If you like to take long drives instead, it is probably best to keep the car windows up and run the A/C if it gets too warm.
  • Remember to wash your hair and change your clothes after spending time outdoors to remove collected pollen.
  • And lastly, try to keep your washing machine clean as the inside can hold a ton of germs and traces of pollen.

Do you receive allergy shots or take allergy drops? These two treatments could help mitigate or eradicate your symptoms–then you can really enjoy spring! If you receive these treatments, it is important to follow the necessary precautions by taking your allergy drops and receiving your allergy shots regularly as scheduled. Consistency is the key to continued results — especially during allergy season.

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