Summer Fun with Asthma & Allergies

Summer Fun with Asthma & AllergiesThe summer season means bright sunshine, endless outdoor fun and school vacation. The temperature will be on the rise, which should lead to pollen counts making their way down soon. However that does not mean allergy sufferers are free and clear for the season. It is often outdoor mold spores that trigger “summer allergies.”  In order to enjoy this great time of year, we have put together a guide to help you take advantage of the warm weather.

Tips to avoid allergy and asthma problems in summer

  • Sunblock is a must while out in the sun, but this can be problem for a person with eczema. Your symptoms might become worse from a contact allergy within the ingredients found in sunblock, lotions, sprays, etc. Here at AAPRI, we can help you identify those allergens and find relief through patch testing.
  • Heat and humidity can be hard on people with asthma. One source of relief is air conditioning. Make sure your a/c is in working order, with filters cleaned and/or replaced.
  • This is an important time to be taking your controller asthma medications as directed. Contact your provider if you take albuterol more than 2 times a week for your symptoms.
  • Summer Fun with Asthma & AllergiesWith all the flowers and plants in bloom, there is an abundance of bees, so bee careful!  Make sure you have your injectable epinephrine readily available and in-date.  Do not walk barefoot through tall grass, and avoid wearing bright colors and cologne or perfume, as these can attract bees.
  • Lastly, always try to wash your hair and change your clothes after spending extended time outdoors to remove collected pollen.


Don’t let your asthma and allergies ruin your fun this summer season. There are plenty of steps that you can take to ensure you get to experience this gorgeous time of year safely and outdoors.

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