Sublingual therapy: Allergy drops are a great option for allergy sufferers

Allergy drops are a great option for allergy sufferers 

Due to recent insurance changes in Rhode Island, some of our patients who rely on allergy shots are finding that they are no longer fully covered–rather, they are subject to deductibles. When you’ve always had coverage of a treatment and are now responsible for out-of-pocket costs, it can be frustrating. 

However, we believe that this presents an opportunity to rethink your treatment plan and see what other options might work for you. One such option is sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) or allergy drops. We are one of the few providers in Rhode Island offering allergy drops, and we think it’s a great solution for our patients!

Here are some of the benefits of sublingual therapy:

Allergy drops are less invasive than shots: This makes them a great option for children. It’s much easier to get a child to take a drop on their tongue than to submit to weekly needles!

Allergy drops have an excellent safety profile: With less of a chance of severe reactions and fewer side effects than allergy shots, allergy drops are a safe option for treatment. 

Allergy drops are extremely convenient: Rather than coming into the office for weekly shots, you can conduct this therapy at home, saving you time and trouble. And with recent CDC regulations around coronavirus, it’s great to have treatment options that don’t require frequent office visits. 

Allergy drops are economical: Without insurance coverage, allergy drops are less expensive overall than allergy shots. And factoring in the time and stress saved, along with the long-term benefits of the treatment, you may even end up saving money! 

Allergy drops provide long-term relief of allergies: Rather than taking allergy medications year in year out, immunotherapy enables you to naturally modify the allergy. It’s like putting your allergy in remission, rather than just controlling symptoms without fixing the root cause. In some cases, allergy drops have been shown to provide relief 2-3 years after the treatment was completed. 

Allergy drops can act as a “hold over” for allergy shots: While we are closed to onsite patient visits such as allergy shot appointments, we are still providing allergy drop treatment so you can continue the desensitization process. If your switch is temporary, we can accelerate the transition back to shots once we reopen. This ensures you can still get the benefits of allergy treatment. 

To ensure your sublingual or drop therapy is successful, consistency is key! Make sure you’re taking your drops according to directions, and don’t stop unless directed by your allergist.

Allergy drops are an excellent treatment option with many benefits. Ask us about them today

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