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FAQs with Dr. Z, Round 2!

July 25, 2016

This time around we are dipping into Dr. Z’s mailbag to focus on acid reflux and the proper steps needed to find relief. Question # 1: I have had a dry cough for a long time, and nothing seems to help.  Why did my doctor give me something to treat heartburn?  I don’t even have […]

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Summer Fun with Asthma & Allergies

June 15, 2016

The summer season means bright sunshine, endless outdoor fun and school vacation. The temperature will be on the rise, which should lead to pollen counts making their way down soon. However that does not mean allergy sufferers are free and clear for the season. It is often outdoor mold spores that trigger “summer allergies.”  In […]

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Children and Spring Allergies

April 26, 2016

Look outside. After this long winter, spring is finally here. Don’t let allergies keep your children from enjoying the outdoors. Read on to learn more about seasonal allergies in kids and what you can do to help them enjoy this spring safely. Symptoms of seasonal allergies in children: The body releases histamine, a chemical that […]

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Surviving the Spring Allergy Season

March 29, 2016

Spring is here! For many allergy sufferers, that means “stay indoors” and constantly medicate with allergy medications. The air is crisp and it is beautiful outside. It’s the perfect day for a run, unless you have exercise-induced asthma. The cold, dry air can be especially bothersome by triggering acute bronchospasm when you start breathing faster. […]

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Communication is Vital

February 22, 2016

At AAPRI, we understand that life gets busy, so we offer a variety of ways to communicate with us here at the practice. With a direct line, automatic reminders, and our Patient Portal, you can choose the way you prefer to communicate with the practice, and keep track of your appointments and care with us. […]

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New Sublingual Allergen Tablets

October 1, 2014

The FDA has recently approved two multiple sublingual (under the tongue) allergen tablets as immunotherapy for pollen allergies. Oralair was the first tablet approved to treat patients with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) with or without allergic conjunctivitis (eye allergies) to grass pollen. It is approved for patients aged 10 to 65 and should be implemented […]

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