Introducing NeuFit: A highly effective therapy only at AAPRI

Do you have chronic pain, soreness, or tightness? AAPRI is excited to be the first and only provider in Rhode Island to offer NeuFit, a therapeutic system that quickly and effectively gets rid of pain and improves fitness and well-being. NeuFit works by using electrical stimulation to retrain your neuromuscular system and return it to proper functioning. “I wanted to bring NeuFit to AAPRI because it complements our practice with its functional, integrative approach to healing and overall health,” explains Dr. Z. “We encourage all of our patients and the wider Rhode Island community to take advantage of this highly effective therapy.”

What is NeuFit?

The nervous system serves as the major controlling, regulatory, and communication system in the body, responsible for movement, pain, and homeostasis. NeuFit targets the nervous systems and taps into your body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself. “When people experience pain, there’s a natural tendency for the muscles around the area to tighten up, which can lead to bad patterns of muscle use and even more pain,” explains Gary Howard, AAPRI’s certified NeuFit practitioner. “What NeuFit provides is neuromuscular re-education… so the muscles release and work how they are supposed to.”

How does NeuFit work?

The NeuFit System uses the Neubie (neuro-bio-electric stimulator) device, a patented electrical stimulation device that is FDA-cleared and uses pulsed direct current to promote healing and enhance performance. The Neubie device works in 3 powerful steps:

  • Identify – Your body’s nervous system controls everything related to health, recovery, and performance. The Neubie device can map your body to precisely identify the underlying weaknesses and issues in your muscles that can delay recovery and contribute to pain. 
  • Reset – The Neubie device works to actually reset and change the neurological patterns that are causing you pain and very quickly re-educate the muscles back to more normal, optimal functioning.
  • Breakthrough – Through this process, you can tap into your body’s natural wider range of motion, greater strength, and capacity for pain-free movement. 

How is NeuFit different from other types of electrical stimulation?

The NeuFit System’s Neubie device is unique among electrical stimulation devices in that it uses direct current (DC) not alternating current (AC). The DC sends a sensory signal to the central nervous system, allowing for neurological reprogramming. “The machine is able to accomplish a lot more than just muscle stimulation and rehabilitation,” explains Gary. “It actually helps correct the way you move, your posture, and can positively affect any issues you may have related to metabolism, hormones, digestion, heart rate and blood pressure, and even your emotions.” Because its unique technology, NeuFit is able to accomplish more than other forms of physical therapy in a much shorter period of time.

What is the NeuFit Method?
Learn more about this powerful and transformative way to alleviate pain.

Like everything we do at AAPRI, NeuFit is about creating good health

Dr. Z says he is often asked why he chose to bring NeuFit to AAPRI. “As we continue to see the huge benefits that functional medicine brings to our asthma and allergy patients, it just felt natural for our practice to take this step toward a holistic, regenerative approach to healing and overall wellness,” he says. “When you understand the powerful role that the nervous system plays in the body’s ability to heal, I knew it would be beneficial not just for our allergy patients but for anyone who is experiencing pain.”

Find out how NeuFit can help you feel better today. Contact us at 401-678-2818 for more information or to schedule a session with Gary Howard, our certified NeuFit practitioner.

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