AAPRI now offers the Food Inflammation Test (FIT)

How this cutting-edge technology can benefit you as an allergy sufferer

Hives… Cramps… Shortness of breath… These are just a few symptoms of a potential food allergy. But how do you go about getting accurately diagnosed and treated? The first step in treating your allergy symptoms is determining their root cause, so starting with a Food Inflammation Test (FIT) is a great way to get on the path to healing. That’s why we offer FIT for patients with potential food allergies.

What is FIT?

FIT is a diagnostic test from KBMO Diagnostics that measures potential food intolerance and sensitivity reactions for up to 132 foods and additives. It is done in our office with a simple finger-prick.

How FIT works

FIT uses new technology to measure two of the most common food-related pathways in the body (IgG and Immune Complex containing C3d, if you want to get technical!), while conventional testing measures only one. FIT is available in a 22 item or 132 item food panel. Your healthcare provider will help you decide which panel is right for you based on your symptoms. What does all this mean? It means FIT is a more sensitive test, helping us provide you with a more accurate diagnosis with fewer false-positives overall.

How FIT helps you

After getting the results of your FIT test, you and your healthcare provider will discuss what foods to eliminate from your diet and what nutritional changes you can make to stop or alleviate your symptoms. He or she may recommend medication or supplements depending on the nature of your allergy.


At AAPRI, we are always striving to give our patients the best in care, and the FIT test is another excellent diagnostic tool in our kit. If you’re suffering in silence with symptoms, have not been properly diagnosed, or think you could benefit from the information in the FIT test, contact us today!

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