Five reasons to participate in a clinical trial

For some people, a clinical trial brings to mind a sci-fi fantasy of human guinea pigs undergoing experimental treatments, but the reality is that clinical research is a safe, enlightening, and rewarding experience. At our on-site research facility, AAPRI Clinical Research Institute, we are proud to hold professional clinical trials that aid in the advancement of scientific discovery for asthma, allergies, and more. 

Why participate in a clinical trial?

Clinical trials help to advance discoveries in medicine

In the world of medicine, clinical trials are the gold standard by which all treatments are judged. Lab research can only go so far. It’s essential to know how well a treatment works once it’s actually used. Clinical trials help determine the efficacy of new drug options, or more effective ways of  administering existing therapies. Our current studies focus on potential treatments for asthma, chronic cough, and more

Clinical trials are safe 

Contrary to what some people believe, clinical trials are not preliminary experiments. Rather, they are among the final phases of modern research, occurring after various other milestones of research and development.  They serve as late-stage proving grounds that shed light on the mechanisms of illness and potential new treatments. There are rigorous processes in place to ensure patient safety. To even be considered by trial sponsors, our facility must meet strict requirements for the safety and comfort of our participants

You can gain access to new treatments  

There are innovative solutions for asthma and allergies coming out all the time, but how can you access them? Through a clinical trial, you may receive new treatments at no cost to you. Participants report that clinical trials often help them gain a better understanding of how to manage their condition. While participating, you receive new treatments and free medical care in connection with the trial.

You can receive free medical care 

In addition to receiving the tested medication at no cost, patients who participate in clinical trials also gain access to free medical care during the trial. Observation from health professionals generates clear, accurate results in a clinical trial. Many patients see this as a benefit. Our health care team is with you every step of the way. You can enjoy extra time, care, and attention through the clinical trial. 

You may receive compensation for your time and travel   

We may as well admit it. Many people sign up for a clinical trial because they can be compensated for their time, as well as their participation. In fact, AAPRI Clinical Research Institute only accepts studies that include compensation. We value our participants’ time and efforts. The amount of compensation varies based on factors such as the type of trial, type of medication or treatment being studied, the duration of the study, or whether it is inpatient or outpatient. Once enrolled, you will be compensated for each fully completed visit.


At AAPRI Clinical Research Institute, we are dedicated to helping find the health care solutions that can impact our patient’s lives, in a safe, comfortable environment for our participants. We encourage you to consider participating in a clinical trial. Be part of our mission to advance global health!

If you still have questions on how clinical trials work, we invite you to read about what to expect in a clinical trial.

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